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Master Speakers Certification Course

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Get a certificate by completing the program.


The SPAA (Speakers Publishers & Authors Association) "Professional Speaker Certification" is a rigorous and immersive program designed to equip individuals with the skills and expertise needed to excel in the dynamic world of public speaking. This comprehensive course covers every aspect of the speaking profession, from crafting compelling speeches and mastering stage presence to honing communication techniques and engaging diverse audiences. Participants will learn from seasoned professionals, practice delivering impactful presentations, receive constructive feedback, and gain invaluable insights into effective storytelling, persuasion techniques, and audience interaction. By the end of the certification, graduates will have the confidence, proficiency, and SPAA accreditation necessary to establish themselves as accomplished speakers capable of captivating and inspiring audiences across various platforms and industries.

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$59.00/month + $10.00 Recurring Setup fee


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