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(Speakers Publishers & Authors Association) &

Theatre of Performing Arts Center

Take Charge of Your Growth
Equip yourself with the wisdom and knowledge you need to achieve your vision of success, with the best online training in the world

SPAA Theatre & Performing Arts Center is a nonprofit organization and collective of artists, playwrights, stage directors and producers, entrepreneurs, public speakers and published authors.

We strive to help individuals grow in their craft, while also creating art that ignites the senses and enriches the lives of our audience. Whether you’re looking for professional training or musical stage plays, we offer everything you need to grow into the individual you were meant to be.

Explore our site!  Learn about the scope of what we do.  Feel free to contact us to join our organization or inquire about our services & products.

We have SPAA Radio, SPAA TV and SPAA Podcasts 

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